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Terms & Conditions

Term & conditions

1. These terms and conditions are an agreement between the client(s) and the trainer. Payments will be taken for the trainer providing personal training sessions (whether one-on-one, couple, or group sessions).

2. All payments for sessions must be made in advance (for direct debit or standing orders this will usually be the first working day of each month, if cash payments are being made then this will be in-person on the first training session of each month). For specific packages payment will be made upfront, in whole, for the cost of the package.

3. If payment is not made in advance or at the start of the session then the booked session may be canceled and subject to a charge (unless the trainer is notified in advance).

4. All sessions must be booked within reasonable notice (usually 24 hours prior). This gives time to arrange time slots.

5. Clients that have agreed time/regular slots do not need to give prior notice for sessions unless any changes are being made to the day/time of the planned session(s).

6. If clients are unable to attend sessions then the trainer must be notified in advance (this is typically 24 hours in advance). If clients are unable to attend sessions and the trainer is not given reasonable notice then the cost of the session will be charged in full.

7. Session price and included items or discount (this applies when booking long-term packages) are all to be discussed and agreed upon before any training is undertaken.

8. If any clients are unable to continue with training and payment has been made in advance then sessions that have not yet been taken may be held until further notice. This is providing any sessions have not been canceled at short notice (they will be charged at full price as mentioned in 6). Sessions may be held for a maximum of 16 weeks and can be re-booked as usual. This allows time for clients to have time away if needed or for recovery/vacation etc. After the 16 week period the remaining sessions cannot be guaranteed.

9. If clients are unable to continue training due to reasons of a serious nature such as a serious medical/personal issue or bereavement of a close family member then the cost for any remaining sessions will be refunded in full via the original payment method. The client must provide written notice from a medical professional on company letterhead.

10. If for any reason the trainer is unable to continue with the program or if TCI Fitness ceases operation then the cost for any remaining sessions will be refunded in full via the original payment method.

11. Clients are expected to be on time for sessions as any late arrivals will result in time being deducted from the booked session.

12. Clients are expected to give full attention during training sessions. No phones are to be used (unless calls are urgent i.e. for emergencies/family or business use). The trainer will ensure that the session is carried out to the best of their ability and the same is expected from the client.

13. If clients feel nausea at any time or need additional breaks (whether or not this is related to a medical condition) then please notify the trainer and training can commence again when the client is ok to continue training.

14. Any medical conditions or disabilities are expected to be explained in full to the trainer and noted in the PAR-Q form (this will be completed at the initial/consultation stage) so reasonable action/precautions may be taken.

15. If any deposit is made for training then the deposit will be taken at consultation (deposit price to be agreed between client and trainer). The deposit is to confirm session slots and the amount will be deducted from the remainder of the training program amount.

16. Money Back Guarantee: To qualify for this, the diet and training plans must be adhered to 100% or no money can be refunded back to the client. Money will only be refunded upon the client not getting results that were agreed upon during the consultation process whilst following the chosen training and nutritional plans given by the trainer. Participation must be documented in the system.

17. Clients must allow the use of before and after pictures. These pictures will be used to gauge progress with the possible use of website/promotional materials. This also applies to video footage of training sessions for the same purpose.

18. These terms are to be read and understood by the client in full and are a contractual agreement between the client and trainer.

Your payment will serve as your signature and agreeance to terms